"Fuck Off" Neon Sculpture, artwork by Indira Cesarine


Indira Cesarine "FUCK OFF", 2017 Pink Neon Light Sculpture


Indira Cesarine "FUCK OFF", 2017 Piss Yellow Neon Light Sculpture


Indira Cesarine "FUCK OFF", 2017 Violet Neon Light Sculpture


Indira Cesarine "FUCK OFF", 2017 Blue Neon Light Sculpture


Indira Cesarine "Fuck" Violet, 2018


"(Hotel) XX" at SPRING/BREAK ART SHOW, 2018


"(Hotel) XX" at SPRING/BREAK ART SHOW, 2018


“Fuck Off”, 2017 neon light sculptures were inspired by the November 2016 presidential election and in response to Trump’s determination to roll back women’s reproductive rights, as well as his misogynist comments to Access Hollywood, “when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything…Grab ’em by the pussy. You can do anything.” The neon edition “fuckoff” (pink), was created as an act of protest and premiered at the UPRISE / ANGRY WOMEN exhibit at The Untitled Space in January, 2017 which revolved around themes of feminist resistance art.There are several variations of the work in different colors and fonts, including ‘Fuck Off” in piss yellow, which is a commentary on Trump’s fetish with Urolagnia otherwise known as the “golden shower” which has been widely reported by the press. “Fuck Off” (pink) as well as “Fuck” violet were featured in (HOTEL) XX exhibit at SPRING/BREAK Art Show 2018. It has also been featured at “Indira Cesarine x Neon” exhibition at Le Board, NY and will be featured in F213 exhibit opening April 2019 in San Fransisco, Ca. The series is a limited edition – with only 1 neon sculpture made in each color. Each work comes with a certificate of authenticity.


TITLE: "FUCK OFF" SERIES: Fuck Off DATE: 2017 MEDIUM: Neon Light Sculpture EXHIBITED : The Untitled Space, "UPRISE / ANGRY WOMEN"; SPRING/BREAK ART SHOW 2018 ""(Hotel) XX", "Indira Cesarine x Neon" Le Board, F213 San Fransisco, CA DIMENSIONS: 6" x 24" x 2" EDITION: Limited Edition with color variations