Indira Cesarine "Simone", 2017. Inspired by Simone De Beauvoir - SHE INSPIRES Exhibit Artwork, The Untitled Space Gallery, New York - May 2017


Indira Cesarine "Simone", 2017, Inspired by Simone De Beauvoir, Framed.


Indira Cesarine, "Simone and the Second Sex" 2017


Indira Cesarine, "Simone in Silhouette" 2017


Indira Cesarine, "Simone en Rose" 2017


The “Simone” Intaglio etching series, created in 2017, is inspired by the legendary French feminist, writer and philosopher Simone de Beauvoir. The intaglios reference a candid photograph of Simone in which you see her nude body from behind, which in some of the works is layered with text from her celebrated book, “The Second Sex”. There are 4 variations of the intaglio including with and without the text as well as variations in aqua tinting.  Each of the 4 versions is hand printed with red ink on Rives cotton paper and a limited edition of 3.

SERIES: SIMONE DATE: 2017 MEDIUM: Intaglio on Rives Cotton Paper EXHIBITED : SHE INSPIRES Exhibit EDITION: 4 varations / editions of 3