Indira Cesarine, "WE ARE WATCHING (YOU)", 2016 Sculpture and Video


Indira Cesarine, "WE ARE WATCHING (YOU)", 2016 Sculpture and Video


Indira Cesarine, "WE ARE WATCHING (YOU)", 2016 Sculpture and Video


Indira Cesarine, "WE ARE WATCHING (YOU)", 2016 Sculpture and Video


Indira Cesarine, "WE ARE WATCHING (YOU)", 2016 Install

Video of artwork, "WE ARE WATCHING (YOU)", 2016


“WE ARE WATCHING (YOU)”, 2016 is a life size sculptural work in the form a female mummy holding a video display. The work explores the concept of the female gaze of women in the past, present and future. Women throughout history have been bound and constrained by the pressures of society to look and behave in a certain way, physically and mentally restricted by social mores. The mummy signifies past and future civilizations and how they would perceive our contemporary patriarchal culture, while the video featuring close up visuals of women’s eyes becomes a metaphor for the female gaze which is becoming empowered through the powers of the mummy. The women’s eyes observe the viewer (which is essentially contemporary culture or the audience) with an intense gaze, tuning in and out of static as if warping through time and space. The women in the video are watching and observing the viewer, as if on a two way surveillance camera, a reference to “Big Brother” and George Orwell’s “1984” in which the populace is dictated to by a corrupt political regime which is under constant surveillance. In “1984” surveillance becomes a means to control the populace, with two-way screens forcing citizens into obedience, as will the female gaze of the mummy. The women surveying the viewer walk towards the camera with empowered warrior-like stances as if challenging the viewer. The work becomes a metaphor for the “wrath of the mummy” in the form of a premonition of female revolution.

The sculpture was featured in exhibit “In The Raw: The Female Gaze On The Nude” at The Untitled Space in 2016.

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TITLE: WE ARE WATCHING (YOU) SERIES: The Mummy Series DATE: 2016 EXHIBITED : The Untitled Space, "In The Raw: The Female Gaze On The Nude" 2016, "ONLY YOU" 2017 DIMENSIONS: 70" × 19" × 20" EDITION: Unique