Indira Cesarine, "Eyes Closed No 2", 2009 Medium Format Photography


Indira Cesarine, "Eyes Closed No 1", 2009 Medium Format Photography


Indira Cesarine, "Eyes Closed No 4", 2009 Medium Format Photography


Indira Cesarine, "Eyes Open No 2", 2009 Medium Format Photography


Indira Cesarine, "Eyes Open No 4", 2009 Medium Format Photography


Indira Cesarine, "Eyes Closed No 3", 2009 Medium Format Photography


Indira Cesarine, "Eyes Open No 5", 2009 Medium Format Photography


Indira Cesarine, "Eyes Open No 6", 2009 Medium Format Photography

Behind the scenes video


“EYES OPEN, EYES CLOSED” Limited Edition Photography Series
Medium Format Photography Printed on Museum Archival Paper
Signed editions available for sale via The Untitled Space on Artsy 

“Eyes Open, Eyes Closed,” limited edition photographic series was created  by Indira Cesarine in 2009. In the series of medium format images Indira Cesarine explores the innocence and serenity of dreamlike states juxtaposed with the intensity of consciousness, taking inspiration from Surrealist masters such as Salvador Dali and Jean Cocteau. The series, which also includes video art film “The Spell” has been exhibited at  “Carte Blanche” Exhibit, Visionaire Gallery, January 2010,  “Facets of Figuration” Benefit Art Exhibit at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York – September 12, 2011 (video of images), “Soiree Au Louvre” Benefit Exhibit, American Friends of the Louvre, French Embassy Cultural Center – New York, June 2010 (video of images), “Photography Masters and Shooting Stars” ARTECHO Exhibit, Art Basel Miami 2014, “Eyes Open, Eyes Closed” Solo Show, The Untitled Space, 2015, among many others. View more from the series HERE.



SERIES: Eyes Open, Eyes Closed DATE: 2009 MEDIUM: Medium Format Photography, Museum Archival Digital C-Prints EDITION: Editions of 6 + 1AP