Featured in The Untitled Magazine “Kaleidoscopic” Issue 1

Counterfeit Conspiracy directed by Indira Cesarine, is a 15-minute documentary exposé focusing on the controversy surrounding the sale of counterfeit luxury goods and the “links” to funding terrorism. Shot at the notorious street market Canal Street, the documentary shows original footage of the underground sales of counterfeit products, and questions why so few people are arrested for these types of crimes. Highlighting news articles that have peppered the newspapers since the September 11 attacks, Counterfeit Conspiracy brings to light the underworld that is supported by these sort of criminal activities. Edited by Randy Wells, assistant editor Kaitlyn Barlow.

ClientXXXX Magazine, "The Untitled Magazine"RoleDirector, Cinematographer, ProductionYear2009LocationNew YorkNotesFeatures undercover footage

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