The “EDEN” series is inspired by the story of the Garden of Eden, and the first woman according to the Bible, Eve. The artwork of the series premiered in a special project titled, “EDEN” at SPRING/BREAK Art Show in March, 2019 at The UN Plaza in New York City, presented by Indira Cesarine. “I was inspired to create an exhibition that investigates the history, symbolism, and cultural impact of the Garden of Eden from a feminist perspective. For the exhibition at SPRING/BREAK Art Show I created a garden, with grass, trees, and flowers, ripe with conceptual works that explore the myth of Eden, the roles of Adam and Eve, and the concept of original sin.” For the exhibition Cesarine created several series in a number of mediums, including glass, steel and 3-D printed sculptures, paintings, intaglio etchings, photogravures, as well her photographic series “EVE’S STORY”.

“I photographed this series upstate, in an untouched natural environment, an Eden on earth. The beauty of the Garden of Eden has been romanticized throughout the canon of art history. I felt it was time to explore the story of Eve, in an intimate way as a human with real experiences. Through this series, I wanted to express the emotions Eve may have felt being the only woman in the garden – moments of contemplation, pain, wonder, peace, and sorrow – along with the simplicity of just being a woman in her own skin, addressing her solitude in nature. My initial intention with these images was to use them as references for paintings, but as the series progressed, I realized that the photographs had their own integrity, and elaborated on the concept of Eve as being a real woman with more depth and sincerity.” – Indira Cesarine

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