“FERTILITY GODDESS” Series by Indira Cesarine, 2021 featuring dancer Katherine Crockett. Hand embroidered medium format photographs printed on cotton paper. The series premiered in “UNRAVELED: Confronting The Fabric of Fiber Art” group show at The Untitled Space, New York, April – May 2021.

Artist Statement
“My hand embroidered photography series “Fertility Goddess” features renowned dancer Katherine Crocket as muse, with each stitch a metaphor for the power of women, not only to give life, but also embracing divine femininity. I have been sewing, stitching and creating with thread since I was a child, although it wasn’t until the pandemic that I had time to experiment with needlework with my artwork. I have always been inspired by the history of “women’s work” and incorporating its vocabulary into my artwork as an inspiring force, using it as a tool for empowerment and honoring its legacy.” – Indira Cesarine

The exhibit “UNRAVELED” (also curated by the artist) explored in depth the themes and techniques of the medium through the works of female-identifying artists working with natural and synthetic fiber, fabric, and yarn. The exhibition presents figurative & abstract works that address our lived experience and history. Narratives of self-identification, race, religion, gender, sexuality, as well as protest and the patriarchy are literally “unraveled” through embroidery, felt, woven and hooked rugs, braided and sewn hair, fabrics, discarded clothing, cross-stitching, repurposed materials and more.

Series"FERTILITY GODDESS"Year2021MediumHand Embroidery, Medium Format PhotographyDimensions11 × 15in, Framed 13 x 17inEditionUniquePurchasewww.artsy.netwww.artsy.net

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