Fashion film Four Walls was directed by Indira Cesarine & Edward Symes in collaboration with designer Sue Stemp. Starring Stazia Niementowska from IMG Models, the short features works by contemporary artists Andrew Poneros, Aaron Young, Hubert Le Gall and Jason Miller, video artist Edward Jahn, and original music composed by A.W. Burlington and M.E. Martone. Inspired by the story of Francis Farmer, Four Walls takes us through the mind of girl torn between her reality and her fantasies.  It questions the concept of madness, of what is reality and what is illusion.  As we are taken through this mental journey, one is provoked by her visions: are they memories or delusions?

Directed by Indira Cesarine & Edward Symes
Cinematograhy by Indira Cesarine & Edward Symes
Edited by Edward Symes
Featuring Stazia Niementowska
Music by A.W. Burlington and M.E. Martone


“Carte Blanche” Visionairs Gallery Paris, Paris, France, January 28 – February 10, 2010
“The Untitled Fashion Film” Video Installation, Cannes 65th Film Festival, VIP Rooms, Cannes, France, May 25, 2012

ClientXXXX Magazine, "The Untitled Magazine"RoleDirector, Photographer, Production, CastingYear2009LocationNew York

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