“FRIDA” Neon Sculpture

A continuation of her inspirational women series in neon, “Frida” by Indira Cesarine is inspired by the legendary Mexican artist Frida Kahlo.

“Empowering feminist themes are often a point of departure for my multi-sensory series. My work questions the place of humanity in context with contemporary civilization and is often influenced by autobiographical content and women’s history at large. I connect with thematic subject matter that engages a narrative of social discourse and art activism. As a multi-disciplinarian artist, I often work across several mediums such as photography, video, sculpture, painting and printmaking to convey a rich and diverse narrative. Through my exhibitions and artwork, I challenge the status quo, as well as tackle stereotypes and double standards. I draw from historical narratives in an effort to create empowering artwork that can have an impact on the viewer, be a catalyst for change or provide insight into history, which may have been overlooked. As an artist, I find it is more effective to communicate my ideas through visual and sensory explorations that can uniquely address the world we live in today.”

TitleFridaYear2018MediumGlass Neon Sculpture mounted on plexiglass with Electrical TransformerDimensions36 × 26 × 4 inEditionLimited EditionPurchasewww.artsy.net

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