“LA BELLE” (2024) Series, Limited Edition photography by artist Indira Cesarine featuring Natasha King, archival ink on sheer aluminum, dimensions variable, also available as an animated NFT on MakersPlace.

“LA BELLE” series premiered in the “LUMIÈRE” Solo Exhibition curated by Jessica Marinaro at the The Canvas 3.0 gallery presented in collaboration with MakersPlace at the Oculus World Trade Center, as well as The Untitled Space, from January – February 2024.

Inspired by Surrealism, “La Belle” photographic series features double exposures and kaleidoscopic renderings (all created in camera) of contortionist, Natasha King. Her nude silhouette is adorned with hand-painted spirals and the representation of eyes on her hands. Spirals of light radiate around her figure creating a spellbinding glow, metaphorically representing energy, lifeforce, and the eternal. The eyes on her hands are a reference to the Third Eye, which has many spiritual connotations and is known to perceive fields of energy that our physical eyes cannot see. Cesarine employs the unique technique of light painting for the artwork, using light as a brush she paints ethereal strokes onto the canvas of darkness, thus capturing a play of luminosity that transcends the boundaries of traditional imagery.

SeriesLA BELLE / LUMIÈRE Series RolePhotographyYear2024FeaturingNatasha KingMakeupRoberto MorelliMediumPhotography, Archival Ink on Aluminum, NFTDimensionsVariableEditionLimited EditionExhibited"LUMIÈRE" Solo Exhibition (2024)Purchasewww.artsy.netmakersplace.com

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