“LUMINEUSE” (2024) Series, Limited Edition photography by artist Indira Cesarine featuring Roxy Monroe, archival ink on sheer aluminum, dimensions variable. Also available as an animated NFT on MakersPlace.

“LUMINEUSE” premiered in the “LUMIÈRE” Solo Exhibition curated by Jessica Marinaro at the The Canvas 3.0 gallery presented in collaboration with MakersPlace at the Oculus World Trade Center, as well as The Untitled Space, from January – February 2024.

Inspired by Surrealism, Indira Cesarine’s “Lumineuse” photographic series features light paintings of model and poet, Roxy Monroe. Using light as a brush, Cesarine paints ethereal strokes onto the canvas of darkness, thus capturing a play of luminosity that transcends the boundaries of traditional imagery. Presenting an empowering female perspective on images of women has always been an important part of the artist’s vision. Combined with body painting on the silhouette, her muse becomes a canvas adorned with vines, leaves, and spirals symbolizing divine femininity, life, and growth. The symbol of the spiral has been a recurring theme in Cesarine’s work; it is an ancient symbol of evolution and one of the oldest pagan symbols in existence. The spiral vortex, as found in the double helix structure of DNA molecules, is known as nature’s favored form for transmitting energy. It represents the cyclical nature of existence, life, growth, evolution, creativity, and change. With its graceful curvature and hypnotic rhythm, it becomes a metaphor for the unknown forces that shape humanity, life, and existence, as well as the surreal nature of the unknown. The portraits and light paintings were captured in camera, many with a single exposure.

SeriesLUMINEUSE / LUMIÈRE Series RolePhotographyYear2024FeaturingRoxy MonroeMakeupRoberto MorelliMediumPhotography, Archival Ink on Aluminum, NFTDimensionsVariableEditionLimited EditionExhibited"LUMIÈRE" Solo Exhibition (2024)Purchasewww.artsy.netuntitled-space.art

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