“The Sappho Series” of intaglio etchings was created by Indira Cesarine in the early 1990’s. The works were etched into zinc plates with line etching, as well as additional layers of aqua tint and soft ground  and printed by hand by the artist. The majority of the intaglios from this series were printed with very small editions of 1-2 prints each, or as artist proofs. The series was inspired by Greek poet Sappho, who lived between 630BCE and 570 BCE on the Greek Isle of Lesbos. Sappho is believed to be the first woman to write lyric poetry, and although few of the poems have survived, she is considered one of the greatest of the early Greek poets. Sappho’s poetry often focused on erotic themes, love and passion. These intaglios titled, “Multifaceted,” emphasized the multifaceted nature of Sappho and the women she evokes, forging an inspirational combination of beauty, intelligence, passion and eloquence. There are 2 variations of the etching, one which is a line drawing with soft ground mesh layering, and a 2nd version printed in sepia ink with aquatint shadowing on the print.

Title"Multifaceted"SeriesThe Sappho SeriesYear1992-1993MediumIntaglio etchings printed on cotton paperPurchasewww.artsy.net

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