“ONLY YOU” Limited Edition Photography + Video Series
Medium Format Photography Printed on Raw Aluminum

“ONLY YOU” is a conceptual narrative portrait series by Indira Cesarine chronicling a woman’s emotions as she traverses a metaphorical landscape of love, loss, abuse and betrayal. Each artwork is part of the greater narrative of her story and history of suffering that she experienced. The “ONLY YOU” series is based on autobiographical experiences of the artist. It was photographed on a medium format RZ camera, as well as on HD video. The photography and sculpture featured in the series was created and exhibited for the first time at The Untitled Space in 2017. The video art version of “ONLY YOU” premiered at Art Basel Miami for exhibition in collaboration with American Friends of The Louvre and Miami Art Museum. Since then, the piece has been screened internationally at venues including London’s Red Bull Studios in collaboration with Graffik Gallery, at an event for Cannes Film Festival in France, and at the Big Screen Plaza in Chelsea, New York. Artwork from “ONLY YOU” was featured at CICA Museum, South Korea as part of their January exhibition “Portrait 2018” and was featured at SCOPE Basel in June 2018. Additional exhibitions include select works being featured in “Ingenuity” Group Show September 2019 – August 2020, at Norwood Club, NYC, as well as “Indira Cesarine Artist In Residence” at The Parlor NYC from September 2020 – August 2021. 

Artist Statement:
“’ONLY YOU’ is an autobiographic series that I photographed and directed, working with a model to reenact sentiments I was feeling. This series tells the story not just of my emotional trauma, but that of many women who have been abused and betrayed by people they trusted, and how difficult it can be to process those emotions. In light of the #MeToo movement, many women are finding the strength to tell their stories. I have had many experiences that have crossed the line, in my personal life as well as throughout my career, and this series resonates with me as particularly relevant, a metaphorical mirror of how many women are feeling right now. You can feel the emotions in this series—they range from anger to sadness to disbelief to shame…frustration, fear— It’s an emotive series that focuses on the eyes as a portal.” – Indira Cesarine


“Indira Cesarine Artist In Residence” The Parlor NYC, 2020 – 2021 
“THE LABYRINTH” The Untitled Space Exhibition, New York 2020
“Ingenuity” Group Show Norwood Club, NYC, 2019 – 2020
“ONLY YOU” Art Helix Gallery, SCOPE Basel in June 2018
“Portrait 2018” CICA Museum, South Korea, 2018
“ONE YEAR OF RESISTANCE” The Untitled Space, Group Show 2018
“ONLY YOU” The Untitled Space Exhibit + Performance, New York 2017
“Factory Project” West London Art Factory & Graffik Gallery, Video installation, London – July 8, 2011
“Voyeur” Issue Fashion Film Installation, Matignon, Paris – March 5, 2011
“Voyeur” Exhibit, Art Basel Miami – Miami Art Museum Contemporaries, American Friends of the Louvre & Quintessentially, Miami, Dec 3-4, 2010
“Best of XXXX Magazine” Big Screen Plaza, New York, Daily Screenings July 2010 – Sept 2011
“The Untitled Fashion Film” Video Installation, Cannes 65th Film Festival, VIP Rooms, Cannes, France, May 25, 2012

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