“PROTEST” SERIES 2016-2017

“PROTEST” Oil on Canvas, 2017 and “PROTEST” Charcoal Drawing on Canvas, 2016, by Indira Cesarine.

Statement on artwork: “Like many others, I was shocked by the 2016 presidential election results. It was horrifying to realize that the United States had elected a man that stood for such extreme politics of discrimination – against so many different groups. His history of misogynist comments against women is appalling by any standards. I attended several protests following the November 8th results, and was inspired by the passion that brought the crowds together, chanting for the nation to respect equal rights for all and not tolerate politics of hate. I felt compelled to not only curate an exhibit bringing together artists from around the country to respond to the situation and empower others with their artwork, but to also channel my own anger and frustration with our political system into a new series of art elaborating on the history of protest to enact change and progression. My oil on canvas featured in the UPRISE/ ANGRY WOMEN exhibit, “PROTEST,” 2017 was inspired not only by the recent protests, but also images from historical feminist protests in American history – for the right to vote nearly 100 years ago, to protests for equal rights, abortion rights, and against rape culture in recent times. I find it incredible that in 2017, we still do not have an Equal Rights Amendment in the US Constitution. The fact that Donald Trump is determined to roll back women’s abortion rights is also something I find very disturbing on numerous levels. This is an important time in US history for women to join together in solidarity and fight for our rights.”
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SeriesPROTESTYear2016-2017MediumOil on CanvasDimensionsPainting: 30" x 40"EditionLimited edition print 5" x 7" in 8" x 10" frame, edition of 100ExhibitedUPRISE / ANGRY WOMEN

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