Created in 2017 for exhibition, “SECRET GARDEN: The Female Gaze On Erotica”, the Sunday series by Indira Cesarine features a portrait of the same woman in the same pose in all three variations of the paintings, and is an expression of changing moods. “Often people feel different about their state of mind and mood throughout the day, the three paintings depict the variation of one woman’s changing moods through shifts in color, texture and style. I wanted to express the subtleties of the woman’s mental state and how that may flux and change as the day progresses. Each work is done in a different medium or color palette to convey that message. “Sunday Morning” is a watercolor on Arches paper, while “Sunday Afternoon” is a black and white oil on canvas and “Sunday Night” is an oil on canvas in red and the color palette is very passionate.”

SeriesSUNDAY SeriesYear2017MediumPainting, Oil on Canvas and Watercolor on PaperExhibitedSECRET GARDEN, The Untitled Space

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