Over the years Indira Cesarine have been commissioned by Vogue for a variety of production as a photographer.  Most of the shoots were for British Vogue, although she also photographed a supplement for French Vogue on luxury handbags and has had her worked published in Vogue China, Vogue Belleza and Photo Vogue from Vogue Italia. Quite a few of the productions for these magazines were in collaboration with brands, produced as “advertorials”.  The first shoot by Indira Cesarine published for Vogue was in 1998, and it was an advertorial sponsored by Canon Cameras.  Other notable shoots include “X-Static” for Charles Worthington, who did the hair. The casting for this shoot featured Alice Dellal, Poppy de Villeneuve, Lauren Jones (the daughter of Mick Jones), Emily Byron (descendant of poet Lord Byron) and Lauren Gregory. The shoot “The F-Word” featured model Jodie Kidd, who Indira photographed years prior for one of her first commissioned magazine shoots. The series “Island Safari” was photographed in St Lucia, and caused an uproar with the English press, as it was considered so sexy. Every major newspaper in London ran a story on it, including The Evening Standard, The Telegraph, The Mirror, The Sun, The Express and the Daily Mail. All of these images were shot on medium format film with a Mamiya RZ 6 x 7 camera.