Another flashback to Indira Cesarine’s archives – this portfolio features over 165 pages shot for Grazia Magazine.  Indira started shooting for Grazia in 1997, and traveled extensively with the magazine.  Productions took place on a regular basis in studio in Paris and Milan, and on location in Italy, Switzerland, England, and Australia.  All of these images were photographed on medium format film – the location shoots with a Pentax 6 x 7 and the studio shoots on a Mamiya RZ 6 x 7 camera. All the images published were hand-printed C-41 prints by Indira. She also oversaw the casting for all the productions she did with the magazine. The first shoot in the portfolio, “Luci Della Notte” was shot in the Piazza Della Scala, Milano – the magazine closed off the entire square so they could do a night shoot with snow and smoke machines.  The series “Nouvo Chic Thermico” was shot on location on top of a mountain in Switzerland in real snow.  In 1999, Indira went to Australia and produced the four stories, “Spirito Jungle”, “Il Toni del Mare”, “Neohippy”, “Bianco Utile & Chic” as well as 3 covers. For a look back at more of Indira’s fashion photography archives – check out portfolios from Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Marie Claire.