Throughout 2010-2012 the Big Screen Plaza screened videos from XXXX Magazine, “The Untitled Magazine” daily on their 30′ x 16′ LED screen overlooking its 10,000 sq ft Plaza in Chelsea, Manhattan. BSP strives to enrich the cultural center of Manhattan through the screening of video art. The screenings consisted of a 2-hour screening of the Voyage Issue, and the 1 hour XXXX Magazine “Best Of Issues 1-3″ Screening, which includes a selection of some of the best video art and fashion film productions from those issues, curated by Adriana Farietta for the Big Screen.

XXXX Magazine, “The Untitled Magazine” was founded by Indira Cesarine in 2009. The magazine presented 20-30 original short films per issue, which were viewable on the magazine’s website as well as screened at international film festivals, exhibits, and cinemas such as The Big Screen Plaza. Cesarine curated each issue and acted as creative director and producer on the majority of films the magazine published. Additionally, she directed a number of films for each issue herself.

The XXXX Magazine “Best Of Issues 1-3” screening featured film productions directed by Indira Cesarine including: “Ambient Energy”, “Pop”, “Punk”, “The Spell”, “Kaleidoscopic” and “Only You”.

Additional films from the magazine included: Anne Koch “That Night”; Benjamin Marlowe “Self Portrait”; Bo Sul Kim “Cocoon”, Catherine Anyango “Vanity & Shame”, Dimitri Hyacinthe “Waiting”, Elisa Sighicelli, “The Party is Over”, John Paul Zuviate “The Face”, Karine Laval “Inferno”, Monika Elkelv “Hope & Fate”, Morgan O’Donovan “Modern Ruin”, Patricio Guillamon & Jesus of Notion Artes “Subliminal Reality”, Patrik Andersson “Fire Dancer”, Paul Windridge “I Turned and Walked Away”, Peter Luckner “Breakthough”, Phantasmic Tv “Danse / Florae”, “The Spell” and Sophia Deininger “Automenagerie” & “Ruins of Statsis”.

The Voyage issue at BSP premiered with a launch event on September 13, 2011, and continued to be screened daily throughout 2011 and 2012 at their Chelsea location. The screening featured films from a wide array of international contributors, coming from locations as varied as Buenos Aires, Paris, London, Greece, New York, Canada, Greece, Sweden, and Los Angeles, each with their own take on what the theme “voyage” means to them. Directors and artists included Andrea Tese, Bell Soto, Brian Gonzalez, Christian Witkin, Daniel Arango, Delaney Bishop, Diana Le Quesne, Diego Corredor, Dominique Polambo, Indira Cesarine, Iris Brosch, Jordan Doner, Kaelen Ohm, Michael Daks, Patricio Guillamon, Paul Windridge, Peter Philip Luckner, Sean Capone, Sophia Deininger, Elkelv & Theodorakou and Zaiba Jabbar.

Films directed by Indira Cesarine featured in The Voyage Issue BSP screenings included: “Color Blast”, “Idyllic Days”, “Planet Earth”, “River Girl”, “Season Of The Witch”, and “Time Warp”.  Watch the videos