On July 8, 2011, West London Art Factory presented Factory Project, a benefit art exhibition in collaboration with Graffik Gallery, at Red Bull Studios in London. The event featured a video art installation by Indira Cesarine of XXXX Magazine,”The Untitled Magazine,” alongside an exhibit and auction featuring work by artists Alec Monopoly, Inkie, Joanna, Belinda Frikh, Studio Philly, Laura Tinald, Lucy Sparrow,  Amar Stewart, Carne Griffiths, Otto Shade and Zeus, as well as live painting by artists Stik, Fin Dac, Ben Slow, Cosmo Sarson, Mac1, and Daniel Emo.
Auction proceeds to benefit the Paintings In Hospitals charity patroned by the Prince of Wales. Paintings in Hospitals is dedicated to reducing sickness, anxiety and stress, through the display of art, in healthcare facilities across the UK. The charity improves the clinical outcomes of patients by offering healthcare facilities access to a diverse art library and specialised artist-in-residence services. “Art displayed in clinical environments can improve the outcome of treatment and the well-being of staff and the general public. The work of our charity supports the lives of many thousands of people each year by bringing interest, warmth and colour into clinical environments which might otherwise appear cold and sterile. Paintings in Hospitals receives no regular public funding and relies on grants and donations to continue its services.”

The screening of video productions by Indira Cesarine included: Live Art 1, 2 & 3, Kaleidoscopic, Ambient Energy, The Seduction, The Kiss, Pop, Futurists, Punk, Psycho Barbie, The Spell, Only You, Four Walls, Violet Aphrodite

Watch the video art screening featured at the exhibit by Indira Cesarine (46:31)