“Frida Con Gatos” (2022) acrylic, ink, and watercolor on raw canvas painting by artist Indira Cesarine. “Frida Con Gatos” is inspired by a nude portrait of the celebrated Mexican artist Frida Kahlo playing with her cat. It was created by the artist with acrylic paint, ink, and watercolor pencil on unprimed canvas, using the technique of “stain painting” which Cesarine has been exploring since her early days of painting. Each layer of the painting must dry before the next is added using a wet-on-wet technique. “Frida con Gatos” is comprised of over 30 layers of acrylic, ink, and watercolor on the canvas to build up the density of the stain. ⁠

The painting premiered in the “TRUE STORIES” Exhibition at The Untitled Space, April – May, 2022. The artist also created a number of watercolor studies for the series, one of which was auctioned at Sotheby’s New York in the 2023 “Take Home A Nude” benefit supporting the New York Academy of Art.

Title"Frida con Gatos" Year2022MediumWatercolor, Acrylic, and Ink on Raw Canvas, StretchedDimensions24 x 36inEditionUniqueExhibited"TRUE STORIES" Exhibition at The Untitled Space, April - May 2022Purchaseuntitled-space.art

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