“RAPTURE” (2022 -2024) LUMIÈRE Series, Limited Edition photography by artist Indira Cesarine, archival ink on sheer aluminum, dimensions variable.

“Rapture (1)” premiered in the “RAPTURE” Art4Equality benefit exhibit and auction in 2022 presented by The Untitled Space supporting the Coalition for the Homeless and works from the series were also featured at the White Wave gala at the Dumbo Dance Festival in 2023 curated by Jessica Marinaro. A selection from the series were additionally featured in Indira Cesarine’s “LUMIÈRE” Solo Exhibition at the The Canvas 3.0 gallery presented in collaboration with MakersPlace at the Oculus World Trade Center, as well as The Untitled Space, from January – February 2024, also curated by Jessica Marinaro.

Inspired by Surrealism, Indira Cesarine’s “Rapture” series of images feature photographic light paintings of classical dancer, VikTory. Her nude silhouette becomes a canvas adorned with vines and leaves, creating a visual embodiment of Mother Nature. Cesarine uses light as a brush, painting ethereal strokes onto the canvas of darkness, thus capturing a play of luminosity that transcends the boundaries of traditional imagery. The artist paints spirals of light weaving around the model’s figure to depict divine feminine energy, progression, concepts of infinity, the journey of life, and the path to higher consciousness. The surreal light painting becomes more than a technique; it becomes a language, a visual poetry that speaks to the intangible, the mysterious, and the infinite. It is an invitation to witness the dance of light and shadow, to explore the hidden depths of symbolism, and to embrace the enchanting beauty and mystery of the dance of life. The portrait and light painting was captured in camera with a single exposure.

Also vailable as an animated NFT on MakersPlace.

Artist Statement
“For this series, I hand body painted the model/dancer ViKtory and photographed her dancing with the light using the surreal technique of light painting which was invented by Man Ray in 1937. I have always been inspired by the powerful physique and movement of professional dancers, and in this series, I juxtaposed chiaroscurist nude portraits of ViKtory dancing with the light as a metaphor for woman as Mother Nature giving forth female energy as a creator of life. She becomes a personification of the power of women and nature, symbolizing femininity, growth, new life, and groundedness with the light almost like a lightning bolt from her body. I painted a branch with leaves growing up her spine as a further representation of Mother Nature.”

SeriesRAPTURE SERIESRolePhotography, Body PaintingYear2022 - 2024FeaturingViKtoryMakeupIndira CesarineMediumPhotography, Archival Ink on AluminumDimensionsVariableEditionLimited EditionExhibitedArt4Equality exhibit and auction (2022), White Wave Gala (2023), "LUMIÈRE" Solo Exhibition (2024)Purchasewww.artsy.netmakersplace.com

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